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The Brenda Blackmon Project is a non-profit organization designed to raise awareness about, and help to prevent, domestic violence. Our business was founded to ensure that more people are cognizant about this wide-spread crime, and raise knowledge and funds to help to combat this abhorrent crime. Through everything from staged plays and presentations to raising money for shelters for battered or distressed women, our goal is to raise awareness for those affected by domestic violence, which includes the victims as well as those around them. We also accept donations from sources ranging from large companies and corporations who wish to do something positive to help to fight domestic abuse, as well as individual sources who want to help make a difference.


Our primary mission is to remove the fear around discussing domestic violence, work to break the cycle of abuse, and create awareness in an effort to find solutions. The project’s founder, Brenda Blackmon, has written her own book on the affects and repercussions of domestic abuse, entitled Living In The Black, which details her own experiences with domestic violence. Our goal in 2016-2017 is to build our first safe home, which will give victims refuge and resources to take next steps. Your donations towards this goal would be greatly appreciated!

Staging Discussions & Performances To Raise Awareness

We provide awareness and additional information regarding domestic abuse, and we do this by staging presentations, plays and seminars, as well as raising money for shelters for battered women, and panel discussions with experts in order to discuss the psychology of an abusive relationship dynamic and solutions for those who have been negatively affected by it. By helping with any information we have and funds that we raise, hopefully we can help to bring an end to domestic abuse, one couple, and person, at a time.

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For more information about our business and its founder, visit our About Us page. To get in touch with us directly for additional questions, including how to get involved or to donate, check out our Contact page.


The Stage Play depicts the drama along with many surprises that stem from the silence of domestic violence. Characters Carol (Natalee Razor) and Present Day "Brenda" (Melanie Weary-Preston) narrate keys scenes from the book, Living In The Black and demonstrate how "not" paying attention to early signs of abuse can have serious consequences. 



The talent of the actors and performers of the stage play, Living In The Black, is amazing. We use the stage as a platform to teach what domestic violence looks like and to educate on how to avoid the signs of abuse earlier on, so that the cycle discontinues. Playwright, Stanley Jackson takes scenes from the Book, Living In The Black and makes an explosive statement! Pictured is Bri Williams (who plays the character Terri), Michael Vance (plays the character, Cedric) and Brookelle Bailey who plays "young Brenda"

Pictured is the cast of the stage play, Living In The Black. The story is about the silence of domestic violence and how love overshadows it and depicts the consequences of ignoring early signs of abuse. We often let the pattern of abuse developed by making excuses and by hiding the shame of becoming a victim. The cast presents this scenario as a theatrical stage play and musical. Our goal is to bring this production to every city. Please support this project by donating!!!

The panel discussion is an opportunity to challenge community leaders and discuss what is being done to stop the cycle of domestic violence. This is the first step to breaking the silence. After these leaders spoke about prevention, myths of domestic violence, the role of the Church as well as community outreach and intervention; the audience completed a survey and it revealed that 95% of those who attended felt more comfortable speaking up and getting involved to stop the cycle of DV. Pictured left to right: Anna Finnerty, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Vanderburgh County; Bill Braun, Evansville Police Officer; First Lady Trudy Rascoe, Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church; Brandi Watson, Peer Counselor and Legal Advocate at The Albion Fellows Bacon Center; Leslie James, Crisis Response Advocate at the Albion Fellows Bacon Center; Mary Watson, Shelter Director at the YWCA-Evansville.


Tiffany King created "Messages to Our Daughters" – A Guide to Giving Young Women a Clear Path to Success, with passion and conviction for the sole purpose of helping them step into their futures with more awareness, confidence, and guidance to help develop the lives they have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, too many young women have become victims because they simply did not know how to protect themselves. When her partner displayed many red flags, she misinterpreted them, when a risky choice was presented, she was never told how to make the better choice. "Messages to Our Daughters" – A Guide to Giving Women a Clear Path to Success gives straightforward, and proactive advice to young women in a way that it has never been explained before. This is not an etiquette manual that teaches how to be proper ladies, but rather a book that lends advice to the modern young woman regarding the obstacles they are facing in this day and age. This short guide provides direct and straightforward advice that young women usually don't receive. Here are six things it reveals:

1-How to Spot Abusers/Manipulators
2-The Art of Self-Love
3-How to Handle Pressure within your Relationships
4-Improving your Self-Image
5-Mitigating Mistakes
6-Tips to Increase your Safety

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Domestic Violence Hotline:

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The Kansas City Gem Theater welcomes the hit stage play, Living In The Black. The musical stage play starts at 7pm on October 24th. This is our second city stage production, we hope to bring this to other cities! The contributing agency is SAFE HOME.


"Living In The Black"

 Stage Play Trailer

Our first Theatrical Stage Play, Living In The Black, took place on May 9th, in Henderson, KY at the Henderson Fine Arts Center. With contributing agency, the Albion Fellows Bacon Center


Brenda featured in Courier Press article about her Musical to address speaking up about domestic violence.


Brenda appeared on WNIN to discuss her breaking the silence.

Panel Discussion Session #1
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Evansville Panel Discussion Session #1

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This is an explosive scene from the Stage Play Living In The Black! With Brookelle Bailey and Michael Vance. This story bites at your heart and changes how you see domestic violence.

Author of Living In The Black

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