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Brenda Blackmon, the founder of The Brenda Blackmon Project, seeks to help those affected by domestic violence through donations, presentations and panel discussions designed to inform people about this insidious crime. Brenda Blackmon has also written a book regarding her own experiences with domestic violence, entitled Living In The Black. This book can be a great teaching resource for schools, counseling programs, etc. Please contact us if you would be interested in using this resource for your organization.


Founded in 2014, The Brenda Blackmon Project accepts donations, raises money for shelters and works tirelessly to do whatever it takes to raise awareness about domestic violence, and to help to prevent it in the future.

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The Brenda Blackmon Project will stage the occasional panel discussion and theatrical presentation to provide information about domestic abuse, and inform others about this devastating crime. For more information about our business and our schedule of events, contact us directly.

Brenda's Bio - 

Brenda is a survivor of domestic violence with a mission to help other survivors speak out and tell their story. She wrote about her experience and published her book Living In The Black, in June 2014. The book teaches that the shameful and painful experience of abuse should not label and define you. It also depicts the dark side of silence as well as the consequences of not recognizing the signs of an abuser. Three key learnings are revealed in Living In The Black; First, domestic violence is not something one should accept. If it happens and nothing is done about it, that is acceptance. Secondly, regardless of how much one may love someone, love is not suppose to be painful. If it is, you must reevaluate how you are defining love. Lastly, if there is not admittance of being an abuser or a victim, the cycle of domestic violence will continue. The Brenda Blackmon Project was created from these beliefs and convictions. The play and panel discussion format will create a unique path to change the way we see domestic violence. The Brenda Blackmon Project uses these non-traditional venues to provide a visual depiction of what domestic violence looks like. We beleive that if you can't properly see the effects, you can't properly respond.  The panel discussion, which compliements the Play, allows community leaders to gather and discuss solutions and next steps. Both have a synergistic effect. 


Brenda is the founder of The Brenda Blackmon Project and seeks to uplift those affected by domestic violence through donations, theatrical presentations and panel discussions designed to inspire change and educate people about this insidious crime. The play is a theatrical presentation of real life excepts as outlined in her book, Living In The Black. The theatrical format is used to educate and enlighten everyone about how to recognize the signs of domestic violence so that the cycle discontinues. It also will inspire others to see domestic violence differently. It can't be treated as an issue that will never happen to us. The panel discussion will take place the day before the play and will be hosted by a local Domestic Violence organization in the City in which the play takes place. Our first event is on May 8-9 in the Evansville, IN and Henderson, KY markets. The contributing organization is the Albion Fellows Bacon Center in Evansville, IN. They will select panelists and community leaders to answers questions such, as, "What is the community doing to stop the cycle of domestic violence. The panel discuss will encourage movement and change from the community leaders. Our goal is to have both the play and panel discussion in every city in the U.S.

Brenda is an innovator who loves to write and to learn about people. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. Brenda had a successful career and marriage and still became a victim at the age of 30 years old. Her passion to help others recognize the signs of an abusive situation before it occurs is unstoppable. She has experienced the defeat of domestic violence and wants to demonstrate how we can change our persception so that it is no longer a tripidation that's buried under the rug, but a living virus that is adressed head on. Brenda loves to travel and is learning to play the piano! She is working on becoming an avant runner and works out frequently. She successfully ran a half marathon, three times! Brenda is a Christian and believe in prayer!

Why domestic violence victims don’t leave |The final step in the domestic violence cycle is killing her... Leslie Morgan Steiner


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The Kansas City Gem Theater welcomes the hit stage play, Living In The Black. The musical stage play starts at 7pm on October 24th. This is our second city stage production, we hope to bring this to other cities! The contributing agency is SAFE HOME.


"Living In The Black"

 Stage Play Trailer

Our first Theatrical Stage Play, Living In The Black, took place on May 9th, in Henderson, KY at the Henderson Fine Arts Center. With contributing agency, the Albion Fellows Bacon Center


Brenda featured in Courier Press article about her Musical to address speaking up about domestic violence.


Brenda appeared on WNIN to discuss her breaking the silence.

Panel Discussion Session #1
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Evansville Panel Discussion Session #1

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This is an explosive scene from the Stage Play Living In The Black! With Brookelle Bailey and Michael Vance. This story bites at your heart and changes how you see domestic violence.

Author of Living In The Black

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