The Brenda Blackmon Project
The Brenda Blackmon Project

Working Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most troubling physical crimes in our country, and in society as a whole. A victim of domestic violence waits until they've been hit an average of 35 times before filing a police report. Children are affected by domestic violence even if they are not present. They hear the violence and see the aftermath. They unfortunately also learn that threats and violence get you what you want. The question to answer is why the abuser batters, not why the victim stays. The Brenda Blackmon Project, based in Lee's Summit, has made it their mission to do their part in bringing awareness to domestic violence, and try to bring an end to it. We aim to help victims of domestic violence, including people who have been through it in the past and those dealing with it currently.


MISSION: To teach avoidance by presenting the stage play, Liviing In The Black. To educate and engage the public by creating "Just Stop The Violence" PSA's. To build Three Safe Place Shelters in the Missouri area

The six Angulo brothers were locked in their New York apartment for 14 years. They're every move and thoughts were controlled by the their father. When they finally break through and learn what the world has to offer, it's heart pleasing. Abuse is cruel and when it's consistent, our human nature says NO!!



Accepting Donations From All Sources

In addition to donations from larger companies, The Brenda Blackmon Project also accepts any forms of monetary aid from independent and individual sources as well. As with any large-scale problem, even small gestures can have a large impact, and make a big difference. If you have heard from someone or know of someone who has been, or is, a victim of domestic abuse, or are going through it yourself, contact The Brenda Blackmon Project for help, information and any additional assistance we can offer.

Contact Us For Additional Services

For more information about the various services we provide, visit our Services page. To learn more about The Brenda Blackmon Project business, view our About Us page. To reach us directly with any additional questions you may have, visit our Contact page. Domestic abuse is a highly serious problem in our society. Help us to put an end to it through your donations and participation.

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